N-Connex modules enable you to choose the functions and network configuration that meet your needs. Additional modules can easily be added to an existing installation to support growth.
The Distribution module is the core N-Connex component that delivers a high reliability, Gigabit Ethernet network. The module includes eight (8) managed PoE ports, two (2) Non-PoE Ports and four (4) Single Mode Fibre Ports to enable a range of solutions and network topologies.
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The standard Edge module provides connectivity to an Ethernet backbone via CAT6 cables. The standard module includes two (2) internal Access Points and six (6) managed PoE ports to enable a range of solutions. Optionally, the Edge can include two (2) Single Mode fibre ports to enable connecting to a Gigabit network.
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The Power module provides power to the Distribution module of the N-Connex system. The Power module connects to a single phase 110-240 VAC source and supplies an output load of 48 VDC at approximately 5 Amps.
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The Battery module is designed specifically to provide backup power when the main 120/240 VAC power source is shut down. The Battery module connects to either the Power module or to the Edge module, to provide this backup functionality.
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The Control module comes in a range of configurations. The modules primary function is to monitor and control electrical equipment and/or sensors over the N-Connex network. Equipment that is commonly connected includes ventilation fans, pumps, solenoids and an array of sensors and 4-20mA devices.
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The Alarm module provides an emergency warning solution for the N-Connex network. The alarm module includes a high intensity flashing strobe light (various colours available), a 110dB Siren and an emergency trigger or call point.
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The N-Connex Bolt is a high-powered Access Point that is used to provide WiFi Connectivity to the Network. The Bolt supports 802.11 b/g and n protocols.
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Our Network Extenders overcome the inherent 100m Cat6 Ethernet cable distance limitation. These PoE Extenders can be daisy-chained with our Cat6 cables to reliably provide connectivity at up to 500m for PoE devices requiring less than 4W of power, for example our Bolt Access Point.
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CAT6 Cables
N-Connex Cat6 Cables come in a range of pre-terminated lengths to suit any application. The cables are also IP67 rated to withstand harsh environments.
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Fibre Cables
An N-Connex network utilises a proprietary two core single mode fibre cable to connect the Distribution and/or Edge modules. The Fibre is pre-terminated and comes in standard lengths to simplify the installation and ensure there is no need to splice or terminate fibre in a harsh environment.
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